Makhulu Tank – Large Volume Tanks

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The Makhulu Tank is engineered designed and certified to the highest standards.

Tank Shall
The High quality Zinkalume® tank is a modular steel tank that is bolted for easy transportation and installation. The panels are manufactured from Zinkalume® steel that last 7 times longer than galvanized sheets. Zinkalume® sheet ranging from 1 mm up to 6 mm are punched with a computerized punch machine for absolute accuracy and profiled to our unique V-Lock profile and smooth curved to the required radius. Zinkalume® tank is successfully installed at the coastal areas with high salt spray exposure.

PVC Liner
The Makhulu tank is fitted with an internal PVC Liner to ensure that the liquid stored is not in direct contact with the tank shell. The PVC Liner is manufactured from food grade quality PVC using high frequency welding techniques to ensure a leak proof storage solution. The PVC Liner does not release plasticises in to the water that gives the plastic taste to the water. The life expectancy of the PVC Liner exceeds 20 years and is maintenance free.

Dome Roof
The Makhulu Tank is fitted with a light weight dome roof with no internal support columns. The roof cover sheets are from Zinklume® material and can be fitted with colour bond roof sheets to match the surroundings area.

Wind Girders & Stiffeners
Phoenix Tanks make use of wind girders and stiffeners for extra protection against high winds and earth quakes. The Top girder is to ensure the roof structure is tightly secured to the tank shell it also serves as an anchor point for the PVC liner with no fastener visible from the outside.

Phoenix Tanks use high strength grade 8.8 hot dipped galvanised bolts and nuts. We do not compromise when it comes to the quality and strength of fasteners. All fasteners are torqued with an electric impact wrench.

Due to the modular design of the Makhulu Tank it can be flat packed and fitted in to a shipping container and shipped to any destination. With limited resources the Makhulu Tank be installed in a very short period and is ready for use immediately after installation.

Site Preparations
Limited site preparations are required, a level and compacted area is ideal for the concrete ringbeam. Phoenix Tank will provide the Concrete ringbeam specifications for the Makhulu Tank.

The Makhula Tank is designed for the following applications.
• Municipal
• Mining
• Water Conservation
• Fire Protection
• Industrial
• Food & Beverage